La Poste

The initial demand:

Three major issues

– Average waiting time over 12 minutes.

– Low customer satisfaction

– Frustration of internal teams

Our contribution:

Initial Pilot run over 3 months to test the approach

9 workshop including internal and external stakeholders  ( customers, front-line sales staff, regional and head office staff)

The participants worked together to find new ways to improve the customer sales journey.

After the workshop we created a Co-creation kit so each of the 11 000 post offices could continuous improve their service and redefine the customer journey locally.

The results:

Results within 6 months

Average wait decreased from 12 minutes to 5 minutes  (now 2 mn)

All service indicators improved (staff efficiency, pleasantness, flexibility)

Customer satisfaction increased to 93%

All employee indicators  improved ( satisfaction, absenteeism)

For the last 3 years la Poste has received le prize for best service experience in the TNS – Baring point podium of customer service